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Meet Our High School Poetry Winner!

Our High School Poetry Winner:

Nicole Valensisi

Glen Cove to me is my community

Where my friends are dear

And the air is clear

Oh, how I love Glen Cove!

The pier at Prybil Beach

Jetting out into the Long Island Sound

The children playing whimsically

On the playgrounds

From Welwyn Preserve to Morgan’s Park

To the majestic mansions all around

What history we have here

The blessings abound

Everywhere you go

St. Rocco’s Feast to concerts in the square

There’s always a smiling face

Of someone you know

Most of all, there isn’t anywhere I’d rather be

Then surrounded by the beauty

Of my community

Oh, how I love Glen Cove!

#PoetryContestWinner #HighSchool #GlenCoveArtsCouncil #GlenCove #NorthShoreLongIsland

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