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Meet Our Elementary School Winner

Introducing our Elementary School Winner Chinemere Ogbobe and his Winning Poem.

What I Like Best About Glen Cove


Chinemere Ogbobe

5th Grade

Connolly Elementary

On the north shore of Long Island, east coast of the country

Stands the beautiful city of Glen Cove

Hard to pick my favorite place of interest

Each with its own history bold and visible

Everything seems interesting to me

I love everything about Glen Cove

From the shinning white sky with speckles of color

The spectacular blends of shades floating around

The stretched out lands with continuous hills and slopes

To the delicate snow that envelopes the lands

From the towering trees that whistle in the wind

To the pretty view gracing each street

I live everywhere in Glen Cove

Oh! How I love the breezy chilly winds

And the surrounding cafes and pizza houses

Delicious smells tingling my noses all day long

Don’t forget the schools and library

The churches and the fire department

Decorated with flowers, statues, and monuments

I love every passing moment in Glen Cove

The colonial houses looking magnificent

Merging with the modern houses, flowers, and statues

All day long, the laughter and happiness embrace the city

Like a mother would embrace a loved child

Though the words may not rhyme or align properly

I just know that when I flip open the map and locate Long Island

I’ll always see my beautiful Glen Cove towering above other cities

Magnificent Glen Cove!

#PoetryContestWinner #GlenCoveArtsCouncil #NorthShoreLongIsland #elementarywinner

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