March 6, 2019

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Victoria Crosby Presented with Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition

June 25, 2019

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The Winners of the GCAC Poetry Contest are...

May 6, 2018

The Winners of the 2018 Glen Cove Art's Council Poetry Contest are 


Chinemere Ogbobe- 5th Grade  (Two Pages)


Dakota Wiesner - 7th Grade 

Why I love Glen Cove

I remember when we first entered this beloved town

I didn’t know that the big yellow house in front of me would be my next life’s chapter

The trees were young and the grass was new but I still had a lot of things to learn about you

This place was growing that’s for sure

Our street was like a flower, it blossomed and flourished some more

The sun greeted me every morning like the friendly neighbors and friendly faces all throughout town

A mailman with a kind smile but never a frown 

That was just my Glen Cove

School which was now a daily routine

I found fellows with different colors, hair and faces, which I thought was amazing

Blue skies and a bright blue ocean always wanting to chase me

And when it did I watched as my feet would become devoured by the sand and the sea

Huge and small white boats that I saw out in the distance that carried fisherman to find food to eat

The music rushed through me as I moved to the beat

After I left downtown sounds I would see my first film with yellow popcorn to eat

No matter where we went or roads we traveled so many more places to meet and greet.

That was just my Glen Cove 

My day wasn’t close to over, it would last forever

I’d attend the Glen Cove Mansion 

I felt so royal; you would feel like a million bucks too 

That was just my Glen Cove so many things to do

Morgan’s Park that had so many activities to play with ducks and geese always wanting to run away

When the weather turned cold none of the friendly faces would ever fade away

Everyone always helping each other and lending a helping hand day after day 

That was just my Glen Cove

When I’d ride my bike throughout my town 

I love to look at the scenery all around

I remember when I first entered this beloved town 

I didn’t know that Glen Cove would be my next life’s chapter

The trees grew old and the grass didn’t smell as new

But I really could never let go of you 


Nicole Valensisi - Grade 10

Glen Cove to me is my community

Where my friends are dear

And the air is clear

Oh, how I love Glen Cove!


The pier at Prybil Beach

Jetting out into the Long Island Sound

The children playing whimsically

On the playgrounds


From Welwyn Preserve to Morgan’s Park

To the majestic mansions all around

What history we have here

The blessings abound


Everywhere you go

St. Rocco’s Feast to concerts in the square

There’s always a smiling face

Of someone you know


Most of all, there isn’t anywhere I’d rather be

Then surrounded by the beauty

Of my community

Oh, how I love Glen Cove!





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